Adventures of the Last Chance

The story so far
Not quite as expected

When Akim offered good money for Skhira, Khalil and Ryoan to travel with Laurie and Teyana and gain back some “papers” from a treacherous colleague they readily accepted. Of course things are rarely what they seem. After a journey deep into the desert and several battles with undead forces, the company tracked the papers to a tall black obelisk.

Using a combination of ingenuity, combat and dumb luck they conquered the tower and recovered the papers, which turned out to be some maps and charts of the legendary isle of Ar’Nokoth. The obelisk conveniently had a mirror that created portals to the user’s desire so they easily returned to Rhan to collect their reward.

Of course, a sorcerer who owns a black obelisk and goes to great effort to acquire a map to a mythic place is not happy when it disappears. This is where things went wrong.

Nightmare creatures attacked our brave adventurers nearly killing them. Only the intervention of Caleth, the sister of the robed sorcerer was able to save them. Of course such things come with a price. Her brother, Vascus was the original owner of the map, and she didn’t want his efforts to succeed. Caleth commanded the group to recover the Staff and Book of Nokoth before Vascus, and it seemed that she had the power to enforce her will.

Realizing the way things were going to be, the group sailed upon the Last Chance to Hesh, arriving just before a Dominion siege. With the aid of a Vampiric servant of Caleth named Akrandor, they were able to break out of the blockade and sail onward. Unfortunately Akrandor was forced to accompany them as aiding them required betraying his home city. A vampire stuck in the hold of a boat makes any journey unpleasant, but fortunately everyone made it to the isle intact.

The forces of the Dominion had arrived as well. Battling past various obstacles the band climbed to the top of a great spire in a ruined city. Their they entered a room larger than the tower itself and fought many wraiths, nearly succumbing to the onslaught of life draining damage.

They opened the casket…and it was empty; its contents obviously already having been looted by some third party. Unfortunately the group was trapped and Ryoan had already entered a swirling red portal of Mist. Being unwilling to battle their way past countless wraiths to escape they went as well. But not before Khalil grabbed the glowing blue gems that seemed to control the wraiths. They exited into a swamp, a hundred yards from an odd hut. Needing a place to keep Akrandor safe from the sun the adventurers approach the hut…


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